Philadelphia Navy Yard invaded by sea monster

The Philadelphia Navy Yard is attracting attention with the recent addition of a big purple sea monster exploding from the windows of Building 611.

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, who owns and manages the old Navy Yard and surrounding real estate, hopes to connect with the community by way of the large tentacle creature, and give residents a reason to visit.

“We want to use art and culture to connect to the community,” said PIDC’s Navy Yard marketing director Jennifer Tran. “This provides an excuse to visit.”

Philadelphia Navy Yard

PDIC reached out to a number of local artists who call themselves Group X. The talented bunch, who maintain anonymity for the sake of art, as well as U.K. based artists, Luke Egan and Pete Hamilton, aka Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas, developed and created the sea monster.

“Earlier this year, Group X pitched us on doing this piece,” said Jennifer Tran, director of Navy Yard marketing and communications. “Out of all the designs, this one spoke to us because we thought it was really unique. It’s never been seen before in Philadelphia. We thought it really pushed the boundaries.”

The sea monster has 20 tentacles that are each 40 feet long, allowing them to sway and come alive through the building’s windows.

“We’re aiming to make artwork enjoyable for all,” Group X shared in a news release. “We want to break through the proverbial, and, in this case physical, walls that can too often keep people from feeling invited into the arts world.”

Philadelphia Navy Yard to feature additional art installations in the future

“This is a fun piece. Lets people’s imagination runs wild,” said Jennifer Tran. “It’s a sea monster. Some people might think it came from the Delaware. Others might think it’s trying to escape the building.”

The sea monster will be on display for 45 days with new artwork on the way in the future as part of PIDC’s mission to attract visitors with art.