Philadelphia Police arrest 20 ATV, dirt bike riders

ATV riders

Philadelphia Police arrested 20 ATV and dirt bike riders on Sunday that were traveling on city streets around 4 p.m.

In memory of their late friend, Kyrell Tyler, the ATV and dirt bike riders all took part in an unsanctioned memorial ride in Southwest Philly on Columbus Boulevard, surrounding streets and at Hunting Park.

The riders caused chaos for others on the road as they drove against traffic, cut drivers off, drove fast and drove in packs.

One local man shared with Fox 29 how he was almost run over by a group of riders while he tried to pump gas.

“I was almost run over. I go to pick up the gas pump and, I mean, as soon as I turn my head, the guy is probably a ruler away from me,” Johns shared.

Philadelphia Police

The scene of more than 200 ATV and dirt bike riders was a first for resident Jesse Padilla.

“Never seen anything like this before. I’m from Southern California. I’ve seen it with the car culture, but never the motorcycle scene,” stated Padilla. Adding, “120 to 150, there was a lot of them.”

Riders taunt Philadelphia Police

At one point, riders were seen taunting the local Philadelphia Police in packs. Police on motorcycles and driving in patrol cars refrained from chasing them so that other drivers on the road were not injured.

While police they attempted to contain the chaos calmly, those not in heavily populated areas were arrested. One driver lead police on a chase through a cemetery, but was eventually caught.

Aside from the arrest of 20, more than 30 ATVs and dirt bikers were also confiscated.

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