Philadelphia officially declares Dec. 3 as ‘Rocky Day’

Hughe Dillon

Yo, Philadelphia. It’s official. 

On Sunday morning, the city declared Dec. 3 as “Rocky Day.” Fans gathered in the rain for the celebration, and Rocky himself — Sylvester Stallone — was on site at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts steps, where it all started.

‘Rocky’ first came out in 1976, starring the young and gritty Stallone, an underdog boxer from Philly making it all the way to the top. And still today — with the ‘Rocky’ legacy alive and well — it comes as no surprise to see the impact of the ‘Rocky’ franchise still holds strong. 

Stallone was in Philadelphia on Sunday for the grand opening of The Rocky Shop, where fans can buy officially licensed ‘Rocky’ merch from Stallone’s brand, with proceeds helping restore the Art Museum steps. More than 1,000 fans turned out in the rain to greet the hometown hero.