Philadelphia school returns donated iPads for strange reason

Student uses iPad

A Philadelphia Police Officer Sammie Sanchez is dumbfounded after iPads he donated to Pollock Elementary School on Welsh Road were returned to him for a strange reason.

Sanchez, who has an autistic son, donated 16 iPads to the school last year with a special App installed that would help autistic students learn and speak.

The iPads have since been given back to him by the Pollock Elementary School after Sanchez caught wind that they have never been used.

“I’ve spoken to the teachers. I know what they have and don’t have,” said Sanchez. “That’s the reason why they were a recipient.”

Every year Sanchez raises funds through his Bowling- 4-iPads foundation to help needy schools in need and students.

Curious to know why his donation wasn’t being put to good use, Sanchez spoke to the school and its Principal Dontae Wilson.

Sanchez was told by the school district they never used the iPads due to technical issues.

According to Sanchez, Wilson also told him, “You can take them and take your business elsewhere.”

“They’ve been sitting for over a year now in some closet, I was told, and now they’re sitting in my basement,” Sanchez said.

Action News spoke with a parent, Nicole Jarmin, who has an autistic son in second grade at Pollock Elementary School.

Jarmin is just as surprised and angry that the school returned the 16 iPads back to Sanchez with no real explanation.

“I’m beyond disappointed. I’m livid. I’m disgusted,” she said. “They can’t even take part in utilizing technological devices that would help them progress that was donated. It was free.”

Officer Sanchez hopes that Pollock will change their minds and take back the donated iPads. If not, Sanchez says he will be looking for another school in need.