Philadelphia teen charged with double murder near Temple University

Philadelphia Police make arrest in house party
Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia police have arrested and identified the individial responsible for opening fire at a house party last weekend in North Philadelphia shortly after midnight on Saturday, May 5.

A 19-year-old teen male has been charged in the murder of two people and the injury of several others who were attending a house party outside of Temple University on Diamond Street.

Sydear Green, who lives on Green Street, reportedly shot several party goers after becoming angry because he was kicked out of the party that was promoted on social media.

“He was angry for getting kicked out—they did a very good— several week investigation lead us to him,” Philadelphia Homicide Captain Jack Ryan said.

The Philadelphia teen was picked up and taken into custody on May 10 by Philadelphia Police and has been charged by homicide detectives with double homicide and related offenses, according to Action News.

Green reportedly returned to the party angry, came out of a side alley way and gunned down 21-year-old Rashawn Tahir Miller, who he shot in the head, as well as 20-year- old Viktoriya Manasyan of Holland, Pa. She died after being shot by a stray bullet in the back.

Others also injured in the shooting include a 21-year-old male was also shot in the leg and a 23-year-old male was struck in the left thigh twice. Both were hospitalized and said to be listed in stable condition. All of the victims were not students of Temple University.

Scott Peacock, a student at Temple University, spoke to Action News about the shooting. Peacock lives in the building where the shooting occured. He was home for the weekend studying for finals when he heard the noise.

“When I heard those gunshots I knew to stay back in my room,” Peacock said.

Philadelphia Police say Sydear Green does not have a record. His motives for the shooting are still unclear.