Philadelphian Kevin Reardon opens The Shore House and Swim Club


The summertime is the perfect opportunity to escape the city and head down to the beach.

But with the pandemic still looming, and some people feeling anxious about traveling, there is a new concept down by the shore from a local that will help ease all of those worries. The Shore House and Swim Club, a digitally-driven motel, puts its focus on technological advancements in contact-less accommodations. Aside from being digitally advanced, the founder of the concept, Kevin Reardon, also made sure to take note from some local inspirations while creating The Shore House. 

“Growing up, we frequently took trips down the shore, and I remember what a hassle it was to find a great space to stay, and then bring everything you needed down. I knew that with technology and design, there should be a better alternative accommodation where the comfort of home could meet the experience of a boutique hotel,” says Reardon while explaining where this idea came from. “The Shore House Hotel & Swim Club provides a true boutique, lifestyle resort experience. The entire property fronts the focus of the property: the pool and lounge area. Music, design and tropical plants create an energy, high-vibes atmosphere. It’s a very different experience for the Jersey Shore hospitality scene.” 

Kevin Reardon. Provided

Located in Wildwood, the new venue offers two different and stylistic approaches to a resort that you can stay and play at. On the website, going through the glossy pictures of what The Shore House offers, you also find a description of what to expect: On one hand, a hip, lively atmosphere centered around the pool and ocean terrace and on the other, a courtyard oasis with full-sized apartment units.

 “Many of our spaces are apartment style and feature galley kitchen areas and our fun retro, full-sized fridges. Guests enjoy exclusive access to our 35’ pool, pool and beach cabanas and fire pits. Reservations for the Hotel and Swim Club can be booked online at, and are being accepted for stays beginning Memorial Day Weekend. And one of the most popular amenities: we are pet-friendly and dogs are permitted on our beaches outside of guarded hours,” explains Reardon. 

The Swim Club (1600 Ocean Ave.) is described as having minimalist, retro-chic units ranging from hotel rooms to apartment suites surrounding the lively pool atmosphere. The Shore House (422 East 16th Ave.) itself, located directly next door, is said to be a calming courtyard oasis with spaces large enough to fit up to eight.

It’s the mix of old and new in both spaces that took a note from Reardon’s hometown, the City of Brotherly Love. 


“I have always admired the blend of historic with modern development throughout the city,” he says. “In that light, we were able to bring together the character of a mid-century motel with modern design. Philly is also a city rich in art and music culture, and to that end The Shore House is a place where we’re constantly looking at how they can inspire the upbeat and creative atmosphere we curate.” 

With COVID still on the horizon, the pandemic is on virtually everyone’s mind regarding safety. For a number of reasons, the hospitality industry may be forever changed, and The Shore House and Swim Club is an example of just that. 

“We were fortunate that as we entered a COVID and post-COVID world, The Shore House was perfectly positioned to provide a safe atmosphere. Our buildings are exterior access, meaning nobody has to share closed-in lobbies or elevators,” explains Reardon. “Our amenities outside are set up 95% outdoors in open air. Our technology is some of the most cutting-edge and forward thinking in the hospitality industry. All guests book, check in and out, settle their bills and chat with our team via their own mobile devices. All of our rooms are outfitted with new Apple TV’s, with custom software that allow you to both stream all of your favorite shows, but also text our team with any requests straight from the remote.” 

For Philadelphians looking to getaway, a vacation has been a long time coming. The results of an exhausting year are still very present in most of our lives, and we could all use a break, even from the city.


“Now is the time for people to reconnect, safely, with their close friends, loved ones, and community,” finished Reardon. “There’s something about being next to the water and salt air that is uniquely grounding and calming. The Shore House is a perfect place that people can ease back into travel with a contactless experience, while enjoying a high-spirited communal atmosphere at their own comfort level. “

To find out more about The Shore House and Swim Club, visit