Philly Amazon Driver accused of stealing deliveries


The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating after video footage surfaced of an Amazon driver stealing a package he had just delivered.

ABC reports that Germantown resident Will Brown caught the driver stealing from him on a home security camera. 

Brown told ABC that Amazon didn’t believe him stating, “They didn’t believe me at first. They were like, ‘How do you know it was our driver?'”

In footage Brown provided to ABC you can cleary see the driver bringing the packages to the door. The suspect even sent delivery proof including a photo to Brown’s Amazon account.

When Brown got home, the package wasn’t there, so he checked video footage.

“He took the package and ran down the street with it which I thought was weird,” Brown said. “Why do you need to run?”

Brown is hoping authorities will now arrest the suspect.

According to Brown, four pairs of work pants were taken in an order that totaled around $172. He told outlets that, “It was a $172 order, but it’s the idea that you can’t even have stuff delivered to your house without it getting stolen by the people who are supposed to be delivering it.”

Amazon told Brown that the driver was a contractor and not a full-time employee