Philly cops caught sleeping on the job under investigation

Philly cops caught sleeping on the job under investigation

A photograph of two sleeping police officers that quickly went viral has to led to an investigation of the two cops seen taking 40 winks.

“The officers have been identified,” said Sgt. Eric Gripp. “It’s currently being investigated by our Internal Affairs Division.”

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The photograph appeared on Twitter over the weekend and quickly went viral.

“Who were they protecting,Mr. Sandman?” tweeted one woman.

The officers were assigned to the 24th District, according to reports.

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Police on Monday confirmed that the picture was authentic, but they didn’t identify the officers.

Gripp said the discovery of the photograph will lead to disciplinary action.

“Obviously, it’s a troubling image,” Gripp said. “It’s totally unacceptable. This is a situation where not only could these officers have not been able to do their jobs if they got a call,but they were also placing themselves in danger.”