Philly detective charged for crippling man and leaving him on roadside

Philly detective charged for crippling man and leaving him on roadside

A Philly cop turned himself in Wednesday to face charges of aggravated assault and kidnapping for allegedly beating a man outside a police station last year, the District Attorney’s officeannounced.

Det. Adam O’Donnell, 43, a nine year veteran of the force, allegedly attacked 45-year-old Theodore Life Jr. after escorting him out of the police department’s Special Victims Unit where O’Donnell was assigned.

Prosecutors allege O’Donnell delivered a crippling blow to Life’s knee, then drove him off to a random street and left him there.

Police commissioner Richard Ross suspended O’Donnell for thirty days with intent to dismiss, the police department announced Wednesday.

O’Donnell’s motive or the circumstances of what the two men were doing at thetime wasnot described in the announcement of charges from the office of D.A. Seth Williams.

“Mr. Life was there for an investigation,” Williams’ spokesman Cameron Kline said, but he declined to comment further.

Life has arap sheet dating back to 1991, including arrests for burglary, terroristic threats, and assault, the last of which hepleadguilty to in 2001 and gota year in prison. His Twitter accounts lists his occupation as a record producer, musician, music publisher, writer and artist.

At the time in question, O’Donnell was escorting Life Jr. out of a police station when he stepped outside of the view of security cameras, Williams’ office said.

“Det. O’Donnell grabbed Mr. Life and kicked him once in the knee,” a press release from Williams stated.” After falling to the ground in pain, Life regained his composure and found that he could stand butcould not put any weight on his leg. Det. O’Donnell then put Mr. Life in an unmarked police vehicleand drove him to the Hunting Park section of the City where he dropped the injured Mr. Life off ona random roadside.”

Life was unable to walk, but called his father, who found him and brought him to a hospital where he was treated for a non-displaced femur fracture. Life is still undergoing treatment and walking with a limp, according to the D.A.’s office.

“A senseless attack on one Philadelphian is an attack on all Philadelphians,” D.A.Williams said in a statement. “I also hope that by charging Mr. O’Donnell he not only understands the severity of his crimebut is reminded that when law enforcement does something to clearly hurt a complainant it will not betolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

In addition to assault and kidnaping felony charges, O’Donnell is charged with misdemeanor simple assault, unlawful restraint, obstructing administration of law and official oppression.

O’Donnell made headlines after he was shot in the chest during a shoot-out with a suspect who ran through a red light while fleeing an earlier shooting. That suspect was slain by O’Donnell and his partner.

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