Philly health dept. isn’t down with #DonutDay

Dunkin' Donuts

If you indulged in a doughy, glazed breakfast pastry Friday, the Philadelphia Public Health department’s got beef with you.

The first Friday of June marked National DonutDay (not “doughnut,” as theVoice points out), and stores across the city offered sweet deals on the treats, including Federal Donuts’ Milk Chocolate Sea Salt for free. Needless to say, most people were happy.

But not all Philadelphiansfound love at the bottom of their donut box, especially among them, the Public Health department.

Early Friday, the department tweeted out a plea to stop the donut madness:

The internet responded in its usual form: swift and mercilessly.

But the department was relentless against the “donut oligarchy,” even borrowing a phrase from Tinder, encouraging donut lovers to “swipe left.”

Putting itself at the butt of the oldest donut joke, the Philadelphia Police Department even got in on the action:

Of course, the Public Health department did mean some good will in its message. According to the department’s website, more than two-thirds of adults in Philadelphia are overweight or obese; for kids, it’s closer to 40 percent. The department cites studies showing links between sugar and sugary drinks and obesity.

Plus, with the city’s back-and-forth on a sugary drink tax, it’s safe to say the folks over at Public Health would rather see a healthier breakfast on your plate.

Unless, of course, it’s a locally sourced donut. Then all bets are off.