Philly launches new climate change initiative

climate change

Philadelphia has launched a new initiative to help combat climate change within the next decade. 

The Climate Collaborative of Greater Philadelphia will be used as a platform for leaders, institutions, nonprofits, colleges, and businesses to get involved in climate change initiatives such as recycling and purchasing renewable energy. 

It was reported by that organizers expected about 20 sign-ups before launch instead they got 39 business and local leaders who are willing to address the climate change.   

According to local reports, Christine Knapp, director of the city’s Office of Sustainability, helped put together a city deal to purchase power from a solar farm, built in another area of Pennsylvania. As a result of this action, Knapp told that “The idea for the collaborative came from when we were doing our solar power purchase agreement.” 

Knapp added, “We got calls from half a dozen institutions in the city asking, ‘How are you doing this? What are the costs like? How are you structuring your [request for proposal]?”

Knapp said it was overwhelming to handle all of the requests about this, so her office decided to make this collaborative to share all these resources and information. 

Some of the companies that have joined the collective according to their website are: 

•    African American Museum in Philadelphia  

•    Almanac Energy Solutions 

•    American Cancer Society’s local affiliate 

•    Arts + Crafts Holdings

•    Audubon Pennsylvania 

•    Azavea

•    Bar Hygge

•    Camden County 

•    City of Philadephia

•    Community College of Philadelphia

•    Davis Brothers Landscape Services 

•    Earth Bread + Brewery  

•    East Goshen Sustainability Advisory Committee

•    Ecosave

•    Environmental and Engineering Solutions, Inc.

•    Fairmount Park Conservancy 

•    Friends Center

•    Haverford College 

•    Hersha Hospitality Management

•    Holland & Knight 

•     Longwood Gardens

•    MIO

•     MOM’s Organic Market

•    National Nurse-Led Care Consortium 

•     NRG Energy 

•    PECO 

•     Penn State’s local campuses

•    Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO 

•     Philadelphia Community College 

•    Philadelphia Zoo

•    PhilaPort

•    Practical Energy Solution 

•    Public Health Management Cooperation 

•    Reading Terminal Marker 

•    Rowan University 

•    Saxbys

•    SEPTA

•    Temple University

•    The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University 

•    The Franklin Institute 

•    William Penn Foundation

•    Yards Brewing Company

More are expected to join the collaborative. It was reported that the Climate Collaborative of Greater Philadelphia will be holding its first event on Thursday. It will be taking place at Drexel University’s Thomas R. Kline Institute of Trial Advocacy. The Rocky Mountain Institute and World Resources Institute will help facilitate the day-long session on off-site power and renewable electricity.   

The national law firm, Holland & Knight (which has an office in Philly), will be providing funding for the workshop and will be offering legal information to folks participating.