Philly star chef talks paralysis after Amtrak crash

Philly star chef talks paralysis after Amtrak crash

Philly star chef, Eli Kulp, 37, opened up this week in a People magazine interview about life after he suffered a severe spinal cord injury during the Amtrak #188derailment in May.

Kulp discussed coping with the fact that he will never cook again — but continues to play a role in the development of High Street on Hudson restaurant in NYC, as well as working behind the scenes at Fork and High Street on Market in Philly.

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“It’s a piece of me that I don’t have anymore … I sacrificed so much over the years to get to where I was. I had such a bright future,” Kulp told People of the fact that he has lost the ability to work in a kitchen.

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Kulp, who is married with a son, is continuing to work on developing menus.

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