‘Philly the Bern’ mural can stay

‘Philly the Bern’ mural can stay

The developer behind the massive pro-Bernie Sanders mural on WHERE were relieved Tuesday to find out their colorful ode to the presidential candidate will not have to come down.

The city’s Department of Licenses and Inspections said Tuesday that a violation notice it sent to 28-year-old Max Glass, the building’s developer, about the artwork was an error, reports Julie Shaw of Philly.com.

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The move came because the painting is political speech and not an ad – meaning the building’s owner didn’t need a permit for it to appear on the structure’s wide brick wall.

The department changed course on the decision after the news website contacted it asking questions, according to Philly.com’s story about the development.

Artists going by the names Old Broads and Disto, created the ‘Philly the Bern’ mural, which graces the side of a building at 22nd and Catherine streets in Southwest Center City. The duo posted a video of the project on Kickstarter, where a fundraiser has already brought in nearly $6,000.

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Philadelphia hosts the Democratic National Convention in July.