Philly-themed Emojis are here and life is perfect

Visit Philly

Good news, Philadelphians — your texting game just got so much stronger with the release of new Philly-themed emojis.

The new emojis were developed by tourism group Visit Philadelphia, which described the emojis as “a fun, free way to share their Philly love and pride with the people they message.”

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According to the group the emoji “illustrates the attractions and icons of the City of Brotherly Love through more than 60 iconic Philadelphia emojis, GIFs and videos” and work on nearly every messaging app.

Highlights of the emojis:

The smileys are liberty bells.

There’s a Rocky Balboa statue.

There’s also a “Jawn” emoji. So, that’s a thing.

The Philly emojis are available for free on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

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