Philly voters speak out

There’s no better reason to interview voters than the fact that it’s Election Day. That’s what we did. Here’s what they told us.

Ogretta Paige, Katie Asberry and Brenda Scott voted at Finley Recreation Center in Mt. Airy.

Q: Why did you vote today?

Scott: Our people fought hard for this right. You can’t ignore that.

Q: Where do you get your information about the candidates from?

Paige: They come out, they talk to you. Some of them, you don’t know until they get in. That’s when you find out.

Q: Who did you vote for?

Asberry: Straight ticket.

Q: What’s the biggest issue in the city.

Scott: Schools. We have to do something. They can find money for everything else, but they can never find money for quality schools.

Herman Graham voted at the Simons Recreation Center in West Oak Lane.

Q: Why did you vote today?

A: We try to vote every Election Day.

Q: What’s the biggest issue facing the city today?

A: Our young people — there’s too many useless, senseless killings. NOTE: Graham tells the story of a recent shooting that impacted his life.He is a member of Harambe Baptist Church, which celebrated its 39th anniversary in October. There was a shooting near the church during the celebration. He said the 15-year-old victim lived.“We heard the shots.”

Tyrone Coach voted at Samuel Powel Elementary School in Powelton Village.

Q: What’s the biggest issue facing the city?

A: Schools, the funding of schools.

Q: What do you want to hear from the next mayor?

A: I want him to pick a good police commissioner. Crime is becoming a big problem again.

Mark Young was working as a Republican poll watcher at Lea Elementary in West Philadelphia.

Q: What got you to the polls today?

A: I try to vote alway, being a Republican, every vote counts. We know we’re going to lose, so I make an extra effort to get out and support the Republican party.

Q: How did you become a Republican in this city?

A: Well, being African American, you are always a little bit of an outsider. People complain about this city, but they keep giving power to the people that tear it down.

Q: What’s the biggest issue facing the city?

A: If I had to pick, I’d have to say schools. It’s a tough thing for them, because I feel that if they focused on educating people, their base would flee.

Q: That’s a pretty robust conspiracy theory…

A: Well. People would realize they have more options.