Philly’s city hall holiday tree has arrived

Philadelphia City Hall Christmas Tree

Philadelphia City Hall welcomed an early gift on Monday night with the arrival of its holiday tree, which was brought to its designated area by a flatbed truck. 

The crew that brought the tree posed for some photos as workers began the process of hoisting it onto a giant tree stand. 

It was reported that the tree is a 50-year-old white fir that stands at a whopping 55 feet tall. 

The white fir goes by many other names such as: the balsam fir, Colorado white fir, Picea concolor, Pinus concolor, silver fir, and white balsam. Beyond additional names, white firs fall into two categories the Rocky Mountain fir (Abies concolor var. concolor) and California white fir (Abies concolor var. lowiana, also known as Sierra white fir), according to

According to the, the white fir is, “White fir makes an excellent Christmas tree for it has a delightful aroma, retains its needles well after cutting, and has strong, sturdy branches that hold their shape. It is highly regarded as an ornamental or specimen tree in colder, moister climates.” 

The USDA also reports that the white fir is “a popular species in the Christmas tree industry. It is drought and heat resistant and is often used for plantings in the rural and suburb landscapes of the northern United States.” 

The decoration of the tree will begin this week, with a tree lighting ceremony scheduled for Dec. 4.On December 4, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Beyond the lighting of the tree, there will be several family-friendly activities and entertainment surrounding the lighting. 

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