Phils ousted but still thinking ’bout Birds

PHILADELPHIA. Jodi Alkis came into work Thursday donning a Philadelphia Eagles hoodie: the easiest way she knew how to move on from watching the Yankees celebrate a World Series championship the night before.

“You can’t look back,” said Alkis, a financial worker at the Wanamaker Ticket Office in Center City. “I’m happy with what the Phillies did. … The Eagles do play this Sunday.”

As the city is moving on from a second straight run to the World Series, some of Alkis’ co-workers hope diehard sports fans are able to shift gears quickly. That’s not that hard when the Eagles are tied for first in the NFC East and host the hated Dallas Cowboys Sunday night.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t noticed, the Flyers and Sixers’ seasons have started, too.

Ticket dealer Billy Adams, who says Eagles tickets are available for $115 and Sixers tickets for some games are 2-for-1, said a longer baseball season can sap the wallet.

“The extra month of playoff baseball drains people’s cash,” Adams said.

But some fans like Thomas Brown, who had his green and black Eagles coat on Thursday, have been waiting for life after the Phillies.

“I’m not really a big baseball fan. I’m a football guy,” Brown said, walking home after work. “I have off Friday, Saturday and Sundays, so I’m waiting for Sunday night — with my munchies ready.”