PHS Pop Up Gardens bloom this weekend in Philly

PHS Pop UP Gardens
Manayunk’s PHS Pop UP Garden.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is set for the summer, but the City of Philadelphia is going to get a floral makeover a bit sooner.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) recently announced the return of its two PHS Pop Up Gardens on South Street in Center City and at Jamestown Avenue in Manayunk for the 2022 season. The Pop Ups will follow the traditions of the gardens in years past by blending horticulture and the culinary arts right in the heart of Philadelphia, but there will also be some new additions to both locations to look out for this year.

PHS Pop UP Gardens
South Street’s PHS Pop UP GardenProvided

For example, the PHS Pop Up Gardens will be amping up their food and beverage offerings, with an all-new menu that is half plant-based.

At their Manayunk location, Philadelphians can indulge in a vegan chicken-fried mushroom sandwich, a Primal Supply burger, and a vegan crabcake sandwich. As a release states, for light snacks and appetizers, options range from green goddess chickpea hummus with everything bagel spice, peel and eat shrimp, fried cheese curds with cherry pepper aioli, and house made Bavarian pretzels.

Down in South Philadelphia, the menu takes a different beat offering drive-in nachos with green chili queso, fresh guacamole and chips, sidewinder fries—and for more substantial bites—a caprese melt, vegan garden wrap, or a vegan Impossible cheeseburger.

The food at these PHS Pop Up Garden is just the start.

Manayunk’s location brings on island vibes behind the bar with a full line of tiki-themed cocktails. Options include the Sand Dollar (made with Elijah Craig whiskey, Moroccan mint tea, ginger syrup, and lime), and The Zombie (made with Bacardi Gold rum, Don Q 151, apricot brandy, velvet falernum, grapefruit, grenadine, and lime.) Some returning favorites will also be on the menu, such as the Woodermelon (made with Tito’s Vodka, watermelon, Fever-Tree ginger beer, and lime), and the all-new Jamestown Fizz (made with Bombay London dry gin, Lo-Fi white vermouth, honey, orange flower water, and Fever Tree club soda.)

Additionally, as the release states, guests can anticipate an array of frozen cocktails such as the Blue Hawaiian (boasting Single Prop rum, blue curacao, coconut cream, pineapple, and lemon,) the Gritty Marg (boasting Lunazul Blanco tequila, Tang, lime, and black salt) and the Island Daquiri (boasting Don Q Pasion rum, Hawaiian punch, passion fruit, and lime.)

PHS Pop UP Gardens
The WoodermelonProvided

The South Street Pop Up Garden will be serving up the Cucumber Countryside (made with Bombay Gin, mint, agave, and cucumber,) a Pink Peppercorn Paloma (boasting Lunazul Blanco tequila, pink grapefruit, pink peppercorn, and lime,) and a Garden Sangria made with red wine, fresh orange juice, and seasonal fruits.) Specialty frozen cocktails will also include the Adult Water Ice (featuring New Amsterdam’s Pink Whitney vodka and lemon) and the frozen Mojito (boasting Single Prop rum mint, lime and butterfly pea flower.)

Both locations have been known in the past to provide perfect settings for groups and gatherings, and with the outdoor vibes, that still rings true. However, the Manayunk location has taken this notion up a notch by expanding its private event capabilities with all-new shaded spaces to accommodate 20-200 guests, so you can experience the beauty and social atmosphere rain or shine.

Manayunk’s Pop Up will also feature a new game room with foosball, Skee-Ball, pop-a-shot, and will be hosting events spanning Mother’s Day Frames, Microgreens, Closed Terrariums, Garden Remedies and Aromatherapy, Pressed Flowers, Propagation Station, and Octoberfest Quizzos (thanks to Elfant Wissahickon Realtors.) South Street’s Pop-Up will feature monthly Plant Swaps with giveaways of horticultural favorites such as summer gladiolus bulbs, flowering annuals, houseplants, succulents, spring tulip and daffodil bulbs, and more (thanks to Solo Real Estate.)

PHS Pop UP Gardens
Chicken Fried Mushroom Sandwich. Provided

The release also states that patrons at both PHS Pop Up Gardens can expect an exciting roster of activities and events this season including the Garden Cocktail Giveaways, aka an interactive demonstration which will inspire attendees to see the potential of many common garden ingredients to make delicious, fresh cocktails along with free sampling of these delicious drinks. And for those looking for hands-on activities, several craft making programs will be held all season long, such as teacup plantings, natural plant dyeing, beeswax wrap making, macrame making, leaf printing, and so much more to suit all interests and experience levels, with events ranging from $10 – 35 per participant.

The Pop Up Garden at Manayunk (106 Jamestown Ave.) will be open 7 days a week (hours differ), and The Pop Up Garden at South Street (1438 South St.) will follow a similar schedule. For more information on the PHS Pop Up Gardens, visit