Police: N.J. prisoner who escaped from hospital caught in bathroom ceiling

A Newark, N.J. allegedly attempted to escape police custody last night by climbing into the ceiling above a hospital bathroom, according to a report from The Jersey Journal.

Police told the paper that Luis Torres, 29, was hospitalized at the Jersey City Medical Center with complaints of chest pain following an arrest for alleged shoplifting in Kearny, N.J. yesterday afternoon. While in the emergency department, he reportedly told officers he had to use the bathroom, then disappeared around 5 p.m. Investigators told the paper that it appeared Torres removed a drop-ceiling panel and climbed into the ceiling space.

Some patients were evacuated from that area of the hospital as officers with Jersey City police and the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office responded. They said they found Torres a little more than an hour later, still in the ceiling above the bathroom. He will face additional charges for the alleged attempted escape.

Torres is currently imprisoned at Hudson County Jail.