Police post data on officer-involved shootings back to 2007

philadelphia officer involved shootings This graph shows police firearms discharge incidents from 2007 to 2012. Credit: PPD

Last month, the Philadelphia Police Department posted statistics and data on all shootings involving police officers on their website, dating back to 2007.

The site features detailed police reports on every discharge of firearms by police, whether offenders were wounded, killed, or unhurt.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsay asked the U.S Department of Justice to investigate the department’s records of shootings in May.

Firearm-discharge incidents, where offenders are killed or injured, are down by 30 percent since 2012, according to the site.

Detailed police reports are available about every shooting since the beginning of 2013, as well as what action the D.A.’s office has taken.

In several shootings, the D.A.’s office has declined to take action; in all others, the office’s decision is “pending.”


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