Police who shot at, missed armed fleeing man under investigation

Police who shot at, missed armed fleeing man under investigation

An incident in which Philadelphiapolice discharged their guns at a fleeing man carrying a loaded Glock — but missed –is currently under investigation, the police department announced today.

Two South Philly police officers fired over the weekendon an armed fleeing 29-year-oldman when he turned with his gun held toward them, but did not hit the man, who threw himself to the ground when bullets flew, dropping his gun in the process.

Andre Evans, 29, is charged with aggravated assault, firearm violations and fleeing police.

According to police, Evans was driving a silver Infiniti QX70 on Saturday around 7:30 p.m. on the 1400 block of South 18th Street when officers ran his license plate and saw itdid not match the vehicle.

After signaling for him to stop, Evans sped through several streets, then hit a parked car andpart of a building on the 1400 block of Wharton Street, police say. He then fled with a loaded Glock .40-caliber, which police later recovered,in hand.

“The officers pursued the male on foot for several blocks, while giving him verbal commands to stop and surrender,” the police report states.

On the 1200 block of Carlisle Street, “the male partially turned toward the officers, while still holding the gun in his hand. Both officers discharged their weapons, however, missing the male,” the report says.

Evans dropped to the ground after shots were fired, dropped his handgun, and continued running, police said.

Another officer arriving at the scene fired a Taser at the suspect, who continued running but was eventually arrested on the 1400 block of Federal Street “after a brief struggle,” police said.

Evans was treated at Jefferson Hospital for a laceration to his face and hand. He wasreleased after being treated.

Police say they recovered a loaded Glock .40-caliber pistol and are seeking a warrant to search Evans’ vehicle.

Internal Affairs is investigating the shooting, according to the police department, and the two officers who fired are on administrative duty pending the investigation.