Ready, set, run: Philly’s Lululemon Ghost Race is back

Lululemon Ghost Race

The popular athletic wear brand has another fitness oriented activity challenge called the Lululemon Ghost Race, and Philadelphia is included. This race is unlike any other marathon or sprint event. Once you sign up and register you have an unlimited amount of opportunities to try and get your best time. 

The Philly Lululemon Ghost Race is here

The Ghost Race is Lululemon’s annual virtual 8K race. The race takes place in over 12 cities across the country but Philly is actually where the Ghost Race originated from. Competitors use the Strava app to track their time and pace, the best part is you can see what every other runner is doing in every other city. Basically, it’s the ultimate form of motivation. 

Philly runners have the choice between two different trails: the SRT East, which follows a flat section of the Schuylkill River Trail along Kelly Drive, and the SRT West, that has a scenic turn-around point by a waterfall. Your chances are endless within the challenge, you can run as many times as you want and at any point in the day or night, there are no restrictions. 

Lululemon Ghost Race

How to register for the Philly Lululemon Ghost Race 

The challenge goes from October 12 until the 21. Registration closes on October 15, so there is still a few more days to sign up! At the end of the challenge, there will be cause for a celebration, Lululemon will host a party for every participant. Check their facebook page for updates to see where the event will be held.  

Download and create an account on Strava to join the race, then join the Lululemon global run club on the app, and add yourself to the Lululemon Ghost Race Challenge in Philly. One thing to look out for is that you make sure you’ve granted the app access to send you email notifications so you receive your Proof of Sweat emails after running.

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