Rizzo statue vandalized again

Rizzo statue vandalized again

Police are investigating after a statue of controversial former Mayor Frank Rizzo, known for his rocky relationship with they city’s black community, was vandalized late Sunday night. 

Early Monday, the word “fascist” was seen scrawled across the suit jacket of the 10-foot-tall statue, which is located outside the Municipal Services Building at City Hall. 

Besides the graffiti, the statue also had a sticker placed on the it baring the logo of Eagles’ Quarterback Carson Wentz’s A+1 foundation. According to the foundation’s website, their mission statement is, “Uplifting individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for His people.” 

As Inquirer.com notes, some Philadelphians believe that the statue represents an era when a law-and-order mayor discriminated against minorities and gays. Supporters of the statue claim that Rizzo was tough on law and order but not a racist. Rizzo served as mayor of Philly from 1972 to 1980, and previously served as the police commissioner.

Vice.com reports that the Rizzo was known as “The General,” and compared him to President Trump, stating that “You might say his appeal was a bit like that of Donald Trump: Rizzo fashioned himself as a tough decision-maker who said what he meant, tact be damned.” 

This is not the first time the statue has been vandalized. In 2017 activist Wali Rahman spray-painted it and wrote, “Black power.” His charges were dropped in exchange for 50 hours of community service. 

ABC also reported that in recent years people have thrown eggs at the statues. 

In 2017, Mayor Kenney announced that the statue would be moved to a different location in 2021. However, no location has been announced.

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