Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic dishes on his favorite Philly spots

Rainy day blues weren’t keeping OneRepublic fans down last night. The five-piece rock band, currently based in LA, performed an exclusive concert at The Fillmore in Philadelphia for American Airlines AAdvantage Mastercard members. The electrifying 12-song set featured hits like “Counting Stars” and “Apologize” as well as new favorites like “A.I.” and “Let’s Hurt Tonight” from their latest album, “Oh My My.”

We got to chat with lead vocalist Ryan Tedder backstage about the historic charm of Old City, Zahav’s hummus and how OneRepublic is changing up how they release music.

How’s it feel to be in Philly?
Wet. [Laughs]

Ain’t that the truth.
Yeah it’s a little rainy but I have a friend here from college so we always have a good time when we come here.

Have any favorite spots?

I like Old City and Society Hill. Super beautiful area — historic, cobblestone streets, great restaurants. We went to Zahav last night and that was ridiculous.

Awesome choice.
Yeah, we had raw lamb, duck hearts, really good carrots, pita bread and the best hummus I think I’ve ever had outside of Jerusalem. So, it was really, really good. Then I had to go for Pat’s [King of Steaks] today just to keep it real. Just to get as much sodium as possible before the show.

You guys are reppin’ Philly hard! Love it. So what can we expect from the show tonight?
It’s going to be completely different, simply because we decided that each night — we only have a handful of these shows with American Airlines and Mastercard — we don’t look at the set list until we walk right on stage. None of us have any idea with what we are playing tonight until we walk on stage.

Well who decides the set list?
It’s kind of a potluck. It’s randomized to keep it interesting for us. So we get an email: “Here’s the setlist.” Boom.

Any plans for the holidays?
Well, we’re going to be in Europe until right before Christmas. We will be in Berlin, London, Milan, Paris and then we all kind of split off and go our separate ways. I’m going straight to the mountains — I’m going to Vale. I think Brent’s going to Seattle. Drew’s going to Denver. Eddie’s staying home. Zac is going to Indiana. I’ll be in the mountains then back to Cali.

So after the holidays wrap up, what’s next for the band?
We have a tour planned. We have a lot of people online asking what the dates are. I’m not allowed to say what the dates are yet but it is obviously 2017 in the first half of the year. It will be in the U.S. and most likely everywhere — we just don’t know timing of everything. That’s coming up and then a handful of one-off, random dates and honestly, more writing. It’s funny, as we were finishing the album the whole idea of disappearing for two or three years, then making an album and coming back — it already feels like an old way of doing things. So, we are more focused on constantly putting out new music.

For more on OneRepublic, visit: onerepublic.comand listen to their song with Peter Gabriel, “A.I.,” below.