Sanders supporters still say ‘never Hillary’ ahead of DNC

Supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders haven’t give up yet and aren’t going anywhere soon.

While many may think the Democratic National Convention getting underway Monday at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center will be just the predictable coronation of Hillary Clinton as presidential nominee, several Sanders supporters went on a three-mile march Sunday to the doors of the convention to show their defiance.

“A vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump,” said Libby DeRoo, 71, of New York City, one of hundreds marching “They’re running a candidate they know will lose to him, that’s on their backs, not ours. Bernie beats Trump, double-digits.”

The raucous crowd of Sanders supporters popped open a few fire hydrants to cool down as they marched down Broad Street to the Wells Fargo Center, shouting chants like “Donald Trump’s a racist fool, but Hillary’s a corporate tool!”

As the rally was in progress, news broke that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz will resign when the convention ends as a result of leaked emails showing Democratic officials worked to strengthen Clinton’s campaign for the nomination against Sanders — to the delight of protesters.

“You guys! Debbie Wasserman Schultz is resigning!” one woman shrieked ecstatically, smartphone in hand, to loud cheers from her comrades.

“It shouts her guilt,” said Sanders supporter Aleah Skaggs, 21, of Georgia. “She rigged the election completely in Hillary’s favor. Democracy is dead.”

Regardless of how the nomination process went, with Donald Trump clinching the GOP nomination, many Democrats are nervous that supporters of the quasi-socialist Sanders, if unwilling to vote for Clinton, could end up helping Trump win.

“That’s cute,” was Skaggs’ response to that accusation. “Since the beginning of the primaries, Bernie did better against Trump in all of the polls. Hillary was tied for loser or barely winning. … I know Bernie swore he wouldn’t run third party, but if he did, he would win.”

Other supporters also said their opposition to voting for Hillary will continue through election day.

“Don’t vote for her,” said Max Hara, 56, from Los Angeles. “This isn’t about voting for someone, this is about democracy.”

“The thing that people are saying about voting for Hillary because we’ll get Trump — you know what? They’ll say the same thing in four years. And four years after that. When it’s going to end? End it now.”