Sean Paul: “I make music with a clear goal – to make people happy”

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By Lizeth Cadena, MWN

It’s clear that ‘Dynamite’ is a perfect song to dance, be happy and disconnect from problems. How would you describe it?

I think exactly the same. I think that’s a good description of the song. ‘Dynamite’ was born with the objective of making people feel good when they listen to it, because it is an invitation to explode that dynamite you carry in your heart and fill your body and the universe with good vibes.

Actually, I have always thought that my music should serve to raise people’s spirits. We are in a world full of so many problems that sometimes we need to stop and find peace. And with my music I want people to find that stability.

Besides, I have to confess that the music I make is also dedicated to me, and it has served me as a catharsis. I, like everyone, sometimes go crazy with everything that happens in my life and in society in general, but making songs and listening to them has helped me to free my soul. That’s why it’s essential for me to create music to revitalize, it’s something I do for you and for me.

This single was made with Sia. It’s easy to understand thanks to her unmistakable voice, but also because of her musical style. How did this collaboration come about?

Our musical relationship goes back several years when we did a new version of her hit ‘Cheap Thrills.’ I remember Sia was very excited and was just throwing flowers at me, because it was her first “number one” hit. And, well, after a huge success, the best thing you can do is create more music with that person, and we decided to jump back into the void with ‘Dynamite.’

Why was she the right artist for this track?

When you hear her voice you start to feel that good vibe come over your body. The idea with this track was to emote, and Sia knows how to do that perfectly. If you could listen to the demo of ‘Dynamite,’ you would realize that it lacked that good vibe that Sia injects. We had some good material, but with her input, it became a hit.

Who is Sia for you?

She is a pop culture reference, and the truth is that she is an idol who did not need scandals or to show off on the networks to be known and admired. She only makes music from the heart to be who she is, that’s why I admire her. A moment ago I was talking about making music to revitalize, but I want to add that her followers think she also creates songs to generate happiness.

What do you think about that?

Happiness has always been everyone’s dream. I think there is one goal that we all have in common throughout our lives and that is to pursue and achieve happiness. And it is certainly not an easy task. In that sense, I feel that listening to positive and happy music brings us closer to that goal. I have always thought that and even more so now, after going through such painful times.

At a certain point, many of us lost our way and the smile faded. If before it was important for me to make content full of good energy, now it is even more so.

What was it like to make positive music in the midst of chaos?

It wasn’t easy, especially because we were full of bad news and deaths for so many months. And although I was clear about what was going on in the world, I also knew that the best thing I could do was to lock myself in the studio and focus on making hopeful music that would remind others of the good times, but more importantly, that would make them realize that those good times were coming back.

What exactly did you experience during the pandemic?

My mind started to play tricks on me. I was wondering what would happen to my career, asking myself when the concerts would return and if I would be there when it is all over. But as time went by, I reflected on the fact that my life was not only about my career, that I should take advantage of those months to dedicate myself to my family and friends, and finally I reached a point of calm where I understood that everything would be all right.

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