See It: Key video Philly prosecutors used to bust Najee Rivera beat cops emerges

It’s the video that prosecutors used to help secure last week’s indictment of twoPhiladelphia police officers, who officials say brutally beat Najee Rivera after knocking him from a scooter.

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The video shows the confrontation and authorities credit Rivera’s girlfriend with tracking it down. Kevin Robinson, a 6-year veteran, and Sean McKnight, a 7-year veteran, were busted last Thursday.

From CNN:

Rivera’s girlfriend tracked down the surveillance tape, according to CNN Affiliate WPVI, and it became key evidence in a grand jury investigation, in which Rivera testified that he got scared and drove away on his scooter after McKnight and Robinson pulled him over, stepped out of their car with batons extended and said, “Come here!”

What happened next was captured on the surveillance video and contradicts the original police report claim that Rivera grabbed Robinson and “slammed him against a brick wall.”

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, has said of the officers: “Whahey did was totally inappropriate, totally improper, totally in violation of any training, anything.

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