See the ‘real Jim Kenney’ in campaign blooper reel


As Jim Kenney’s inauguration on Monday to the office of mayor draws near, the former city council member tipped his hat one more time to the people who loved the “real” Jim Kenney.

A blooper reel of outtakes from the filming ofKenney’scampaign ads released Thursday show the joke-cracking, occasionally profane Kenney that people knew as a City Councilman.

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“One question I hear all the time: ‘When are you going to get your Twitter feed back?'” an email sent fromKenney’s campaign begins. “Guys, it’s still me tweeting. Really.”

For those who aren’t familiar, Kenney had a reputation on Twitter— at least, before he decided to run for mayor — ofbeing unafraid to use salty language and ruminate on the humorous or bizarre aspects of Philadelphia life.

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His email continues,”And in case you were worried the ‘real’Jim Kenney was going to disappear once I took office, here’s a little New Year’s Eve present for you,” before linking to Kenney’s blooper reel.

In the video, Philadelphia’s next mayortalks back to directors and camera crewsnot unlike a petulant child, imitates his daughter’s expressions, and curses up a (censored) storm, before at one point telling the camera, “I’mblazing, let’s go”

See the video below.

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