SEPTA launches online campaign aimed at young riders

SEPTA has launched a new online campaign aimed at grabbing young riders through peer-to-peer testimonials.

The campaign, called “I SEPTA Philly,” was launched last week on the authority’s website ( and will run through September. Riders can submit videos discussing what it’s like to ride SEPTA and have a chance to win transit passes, concert tickets and a trip to Las Vegas.

“This campaign is aimed at acquiring the new generation of SEPTA riders, so it’s consciously targeting 18- to 34-year-olds and it is based on a peer-to-peer endorsement of riding SEPTA,” said SEPTA’s marketing director Rich DiLullo.

To kick off the campaign, SEPTA filmed several unscripted, unrehearsed videos with riders focused on the issues of safety, cleanliness, ease of use and affordability – topics developed from focus groups – but riders are not restricted to those topics, DiLullo said.

He added that SEPTA will screen the videos before posting them to make sure they are “socially acceptable,” but that negative comments will not automatically be filtered out.

“We will not filter out a comment if it is not 100 percent glowing about SEPTA,” he said.

There is no restriction on the length of the videos. SEPTA is running ads on television, radio, online and the system about the campaign.

In 2011, SEPTA experienced its highest ridership in more than 20 years. Public transportation ridership is also up nationally as a result of gas prices and more people returning to work.

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