Should Sixers, Lakers be concerned about Ben Simmons’ documentary?

Should Sixers, Lakers be concerned about Ben Simmons’ documentary?
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There are a few red flags that many 76ers fans keep circling back to when criticizing likely No. 1 pick Ben Simmons.And it’s not his lack of an outside shot.

It’s his personality.

The 6-foot-10 point-forward grew up idolizing LeBronJames, and according to Sports Illustrated has a close relationship with the Cavs’ superstar, routinely texting with the player — who shares a very similar story with Simmons.

Also, like LeBron James, Simmons has been making a documentary about his transition to the pros, much like James’ “More Than a Game.” Over the course of an entire year, Simmons is documenting the journey from high schoolto LSU to the NBA with a film crew following him everywhere.

A family connection helped Simmons set up the documentary, according to Sports Illustrated, with his older sister (who is married to former NFL running back Michael Bush) working for James’ marketing firm LRMR setting up Simmons with MaggieVision to produce the film.

MaggieVision is best known for being one of the production companies responsible for films in ESPN’s “30 for 30” series.

Does Simmons’ documentary and desire to be like his idol LeBron pose concern when it comes to charactermakeup?

Many pundits are arguing it does, and Brandon Ingram should be the Sixers’ choice at No. 1 (making Simmons the Lakers’ problem at No. 2).

It will be interesting not only to see the reaction to Simmons’ weird personal life, but also the documentary itself when it is completed.

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