Silicone malady: One dead after injection in buttocks

Authorities are investigating a 20-year-old woman’s death after she apparently received silicone injections into her buttocks in an airport-hotel room.

The victim, identified in police documents as Claudia Adesey-Oluwaseyi of England, was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital and pronounced dead at 1:32 a.m. Monday. A preliminary report from the Delaware County Medical Examiner’s office indicated that silicone was possibly “injected into the woman’s vascular system causing her heart to stop.” The woman who performed the procedures in Room 425 of the Hampton Inn on Bartram Avenue remains on the loose.

“It’s being treated as a suspicious death at this point,” police Lt. John Walker said. “We’re not even quite sure if [the person who performed the cosmetic procedure] is a legitimate doctor, and are looking into the legalities of performing these procedures.”

Philadelphia police escorted three other women who accompanied Adesey-Oluwaseyi from London back to the hotel yesterday afternoon. The victim and a second woman reportedly got injections from the same person in November, but the victim was unhappy with her size and wanted a second.

Hours after the procedure, the victim felt ill and complained of chest pains, which is when she was taken to the hospital by medics.

Police searched four rooms that the unnamed subject reserved for the women since Saturday.