Supporting small LGBTQ+ businesses year-round

LGBTQ+ businesses
I Look Great With Rugs
I Look Great With Rugs

Pride weekend may have passed in Philly, but Pride month is still in full swing.

And one local PR every-man, Bryan Buttler, is looking to lend his support to small LGBTQ+ businesses year-round. 

“Raising awareness of LGBTQ+ small businesses should happen all year round, not just during June,” says Buttler. “These owners and operators are vital for not only the regional economy but for visibility of the LGBTQ+ communities.”

Buttler’s PR work spans not just Philly, but Baltimore as well, with a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations. And as a 15+ year veteran and small LGBTQ+ business owner himself, Buttler saw the need for amplifying voices in current times. And he’s doing it all pro bono. 

“I decided to take on this project to amplify the vital importance of these businesses and creators, especially at a time when so many in the community are being alienated, threatened, and challenged,” Buttler explains.  

“Ultimately, we all win when the public supports LGBTQ+ businesses. These are just a small sampling of the dozens of companies and creators in the region—I encourage others to research and use the hundreds of others in the Philadelphia market.”

E’s Tees & More

This local print shop is owned by Esadiva Maven, who started the company in her kitchen and has watched it grow since then. What Philadelphians can find at E’s Tees & More is an assortment of manually pressed shirts for tees, salons, bands, bars, charity walks, nonprofits, and other large and small businesses. E’s Tees also offers a wide selection of gifts for sports fans, 4/20 fans and more. 

LGBTQ+ businesses
E’s Tees & More


This Chiropractic Studio is designed to be “a haven of healing for all those in search of improving their health and well-being.” Both of the brand’s offices in Center City and Exton offer affordable and accessible options with no hidden fees and no insurance necessary. 

Known also as a wellness practice, The-Back.Space ultimately aims to help people move better, feel better, maintain health, wellbeing, and help prevent injury or disease in a spa-like setting. The practice also notes those (18+ ) with an appointment will have access to (15-minutes) of the practice’s Space Lounge amenities as well.

Applied Mechanics 

Applied Mechanics ultimately creates immersive performances in a variety of places like theaters, warehouses, galleries, schools, punk rock venues, in the streets and online. The multiracial collective of queer and genderqueer theater artists tell stories of radical transformation that are “unapologetically pro-Black, pro-Indigenous, ecofeminist and anti-capitalist.” 

Philadelphians can catch the latest performance from the group, Other Orbits, when it opens July 9 in the city. 

LGBTQ+ businesses Philly
Severin Blake, Brett Ashley Robinson, Thomas Choinacky, Eppchez!, Izzy Sazak, and MK Tuomanen of Applied Mechanics.Wide Eyed Studios

Philadelphia Falcons Soccer 

Founded in 1989, this LGBTQIA+ organization aims to provide an environment of “equality, team dynamics, self-empowerment, and recreation on and off the soccer field.” The Falcons Soccer team offers a space for adult soccer players of all skill levels, ages, gender identities, and orientations.

Ultimately, this nonprofit offers informal weekly pick-up games, soccer skills and tactical training, organized league play, local and travel tournaments, and social events. 

LGBTQ+ businesses
Philadelphia Falcons Soccer

KedzieT Consulting

This local full-service communications and marketing agency builds relationships between brands and their target audiences through content-driven storytelling. Although they are Philly based, this company’s work spans across the US from California to New England, small businesses to major corporations, and covers a multitude of industries. KedzieT ultimately believes that businesses need to build consumer trust and connect with their  audiences in a meaningful way, and they help their clients achieve just that.

Natalie Hope Mcdonald Illustration

The Philly-based artist and illustrator creates hand-drawn illustrations focusing on urban-life using special waterproof ink and acid-free paper. Most of the images were inspired by architecture, graffiti, cityscapes, telephone wires, neighborhoods, bricks and rooftops. 

Natalie specializes in personal and corporate commissions, though her work can be found in public and private collections around the world as well as commercial products ranging from apparel and home decor to coloring books and special edition prints.

I Look Great With Rugs

Bailey (they/them), a fibers artist, works primarily in rugs and is originally from Texas, but has been living in Philly for the past decade. This brand is a one-person show, and everything is made with care. They also offer rug-making classes, and try to make them affordable and accessible as possible, and offer payment plans and sliding scale options.

LGBTQ+ businesses
I Look Great With Rugs

Culture Work Studios

Matthew Armstead (they/them) founded Culture Work Studios in 2019 with the hope of helping people welcome liberation now, a release reads. With over 15 years of building organizations, developing leaders, and resolving conflict across social and structural power differences, they offer on-site (or virtual) support for any organization in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Culture Work Studios can help “maximize organizational effectiveness by engaging many cultural practices, ways of interacting, and types of wisdom.” They have trained, coached, and designed programs for US-based and global audiences, including Southerners on New Ground, Mural Arts Philadelphia, Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, the Sexual Rights Initiative, B Labs, and the Canadian Labor Council as well, the release states.

Bellissimo by Floyd

Bellissimo by Floyd recently opened in West Chester, and this new salon offers services, including cuts for men, women, and kids, deep conditioning treatments;, eyebrow tinting, waxing, and lifting, fantasy hair colors, hair tinsel, waxing, and a variety of additional treatments for everyone.