So-called Victoria’s Secret ‘cheer mom’ pleads guilty to sex with teen

So-called Victoria’s Secret ‘cheer mom’ pleads guilty to sex with teen

The suburban mom who was caught by police mid-tryst in her car with a 17-year-old soccer playerpleaded guilty to sex crimes today.

Iris Gibney, 42,a Victoria’s Secret saleswoman, pleaded guilty to corruption of a minor and dissemination of explicit materials to a minor — for sending sexts to her young paramour.

The move followed Gibney’s not guilty plea to charges at a hearing in Februarythat includedtrespass by auto.

Gibney was sentenced to five years probation, 100 hours of community service and must participatein counseling. She also cannot communicate with her victim.

According to NBC, Gibney told the Montgomery County court judge, “I made a horrible decision and have been in therapy since it happened.”

Gibney was arrested in November when an Upper Pottsgrove police officer found her and a 17-year-old boy naked inside a car.

As the officer approached the vehicle becauseit was illegally parked inside Hollenbach Park in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, he saw Gibney performing a sex act, according to court records.

Gibney, who volunteered as a “cheer mom” for her daughter’s cheerleading team at Pottsgrove High School, reportedly met the teen during a high school football game, according to the victim.

The victim confessed to police that he and Gibney were having a relationship.

Reports also indicate that the two communicated on Twitter and that Gibneysextedthe teen nude pictures of herself.

In February, Gibney entered a “not guilty” plea to charges of “corrupting a minor, trespass by auto and distribution of explicit materials to a minor via sexts found on the boy’s confiscated cell phone.”

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