South Philadelphia police district announces bicycle law crackdown

Police from the 3rd District, which covers South Philadelphia from South Street to the Naval Complex and from the Delaware River to Broad Street, have announced a crackdown on bicycle law enforcement, according to the Passyunk Square Civic Association’s website.

The post states that from now until Labor Day, bicyclists who don’t follow traffic regulations will receive a warning. After that, they will be issued traffic citations.

Under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, bicyclists are required to follow the same “rules of the road” as any other motorist in the street, including stopping at stop signs and red lights, riding with traffic on one-way streets, yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks and abiding by speed restrictions. Those who do not can be issued traffic violations handing down the same penalties as those given to motorists.

The memo states that bicyclists can also face the same civil and criminal penalties as motorists if their actions cause an accident, property damage or injury and that bicyclists can similarly be arrested and charged with DUI if they’re riding while intoxicated.

Bicyclists aged 12 and older who are caught riding on sidewalks are subject to a $55.50 fine. The same fine is applicable for bicyclists who, having reached their destination, are crossing the sidewalk and do not yield to pedestrians and give an audible signal before passing them.

Bicyclists can be further cited for having a bike that’s not
properly-equipped with a reflector or lights, an audible signal device
and brakes.

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