State auditor general blasts ‘excessive’ PPA chief payout


Pennsylvania’s auditor general delivered a stinging statement on the terms of former Philadelphia Parking Authority Executive Director Vince Fenerty Jr.’s payout following his resignation during a sexual harassment scandal.

In a statement released Thursday, Auditor GeneralEugene DePasquale called reports of Fenerty’s final payout of $227,000 “egregious, excessive and inappropriate for any government entity.”

The six-figure payout includes Fenerty’s unused vacation and sick leave, comp time and administrative leave. According to DePasquale, Fenertyreceived$120,000 for 1,000 hours of unused vacation time.

The former parking bossfiled for the money last month after stepping down in late September following a series of sexual harassment allegations made against him by fellow PPA employees.

Fenerty, who took over the authority in 2005, left his $223,000 salary with a $158,628 annual pension, thePhiladelphia Inquirer reported.

In October, DePasquale’s office and the state attorney general announced they would be launching a joint audit of the parking authority to determine if revenue intended to go to the School District of Philadelphia is being transferred correctly. DePasquale and Attorney General Bruce Beemer also plan to probe the state-run department’s employment policies and procedures, including those relating to sexual harassment and discrimination.

Fenerty has been accused of harassing two coworkers during his employment with the PPA.

More than a decade ago, the parking boss allegedly licked a woman’s ear, pulled down her shirt and made inappropriate comments to her at a party. But her allegations didn’t come to light until Fenerty was facing suspension following a report from an independent investigation that found he had harassed a parking authority senior executive over the course of two years.

Fenerty paid a $30,000 bill for that investigation, and was initially permitted to stay on the job, though with restricted powers and responsibilities. Buthe stepped down after the second woman came forward.​

Fenerty had been with the parking authority since 1983.

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