Stolen Shiba Inu puppy found safe

The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has found a missing Shiba Inu puppy that was stolen from the organization’s Erie Avenue headquarters two weeks ago.  

The Pennsylvania SPCA told Metro they received a tip as to the pup’s location and sent a Humane Law Enforcement team to the property in the Olney section of Philly. 

The PSPCA confirmed the identity of the microchipped puppy and took him back to their headquarters on Erie Avenue.

The male puppy is believed to be between two to three months old. He was not up for adoption at the time of the kidnapping, a PSPCA spokesperson Gillian Kocher told Metro. 

In fact, the lost puppy arrived at the shelter just hours before a man was caught on camera stealing the him from a kennel. 

Kocher told Metro that the person of interest went straight for the pup and placed him inside a backpack. 

It was reported that the person of interest is a male, who wore a black Nike hoodie and black hat at the time of the theft.  At this time, the Pennsylvania SPCA is working with Philly PD to learn more about the theft.