Sushi School in University City

Texas may be the last place that comes to mind when you think of sushi but don’t let the Lone Star state fool you. “It’s where I learned the art of making sushi.” says instructor Chef Keunsik Lee as he shares his culinary history with students during a session of Sushi School at POD restaurant in University City.

Welcome to Sushi Making 101, Texas style! Taught Mondays — Wednesdays throughout the summer, eager foodies have the opportunity to learn the proper technique in making some of their favorites rolls while also getting fed at the same time. Who says you can take copious notes on an empty stomach?

Let’s begin. Sushi is simply defined as fermented rice. Although fish has been a popular ingredient, it’s not the only protein that’s served in a roll. Ask the folks in Hawaii how much they love their Spam. Chef Lee is also quick to point out that your sushi isn’t judged on the quality of fish but how well the rice tastes. “Your fish should hopefully be fresh but using last night’s rice will ruin all the flavor.” When you deconstruct sushi, it’s actually 80% rice and only 20% fish.

Enough talk, time to make some California rolls! You’re given a sushi mat, imitation crab meat, avocado, cucumber, nori, sushi rice (3.5 ounces is the ideal amount) and special plastic gloves that are shipped from Japan which prevents rice from sticking on your fingers. After spreading out the ingredients on the nori, you’re ready to roll.

Once everyone presents a somewhat presentable example of their version of a California roll, Chef Lee serves them back to each guest so they can taste their creation.If you’re feeling you need more practice, Chef reminds the class “I spent nine years doing this.” Touché.

If you go,
Sushi School at POD
Monday – Wednesdays all summer long
6 p.m.
$50 per person ( plus tax and gratuity)
3636 Sansom Street

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