Suspect in shooting outside Philly high school charged with murder

A gunman killed a 65-year-old man and wounded a teenager Monday afternoon outside Lincoln High School in Mayfair.
PHOTO: Jack Tomczuk

Authorities on Wednesday identified the 21-year-old man who allegedly opened fire on a group of teenagers earlier this week near Abraham Lincoln High School in Mayfair.

Aaron K. Scott, who lives around the corner from the school, was arrested at the scene and has been charged with murder, attempted murder, criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault and related crimes.

Aaron K. ScottPHOTO: Philadelphia police

The shooting, which occurred just before 3 p.m. Monday, killed 65-year-old Jeffrey Carter, who happened to be driving past the school, and seriously wounded a 16-year-old Lincoln student.

Plainclothes officers apprehended the gunman immediately outside Jean’s Pizzeria at Ryan and Rowland avenues and retrieved his firearm, witnesses said.

Scott is being held without bail. The public defender’s association, which is representing him, declined to comment on the case.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 2, according to court documents.

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