Sweater Weather: Where to sip on fall cocktails in Philly

Stove and Tap Lansdale’s Marigold Round & Round

Positano Coast

To help Philadelphians sip in the fall in style, the hotspot is featuring a specialty cocktail titled Blood on the Leaves ($12) designed by their beverage manager Zach Black and lead bartender Phil Perkins. The drink boasts Sagamore Straight Rye Whiskey, house-made blood orange cordial, cardamom and basil, with a splash of Indian Tonic Water and Orange Bitters. The creators explained why they chose those ingredients: “Blood oranges are actually a great under-the-radar late-season fruit. Here, we riff loosely off of the classic Blood and Sand cocktail; the herbaceousness of the basil and the complexity of the cardamom play perfectly with the sweet citrus of the orange while the spice of the Sagamore Rye holds the cocktail together. A splash of Indian tonic water lends brightness to a drink that is both refreshing and seasonally appropriate.”

212 Walnut St., positanocoast.net

Positano CoastProvided

Wine Dive

The new spot just opened this year in January, but already has made its mark on South Street. To help celebrate the season, Wine Dive has curated its own seasonal cocktail for Philadelphians to enjoy. Hot ‘n’ Sassy ($9) was designed by Wine Dive’s manager Jeffrey Hyman and boasts tequila, riesling, apple, jalapeño, lemon and soda water. “This is a riff on a Wine Dive cocktail from the opening menu. We made a house made Granny Smith sour apple syrup that’s bright green as a tribute to Apple Pucker and our dive bar roots. Apple is infused into tequila to bring out the orchard fruit note and riesling is added for a malic acid bite just like a fresh apple. A small amount of jalapeño is added to give a kick of spiciness to warm you up on the crisp fall evenings.”

1506 South St., winedivephilly.com

Harper’s Garden

Beverage Director, Matt Deutsch has curated a special beverage menu for the fall season, and the eatery from FCM Hospitality did not hold back when it came to creating spirited and seasonal concoctions. This season, Philadelphians can try Harper Garden’s Bonita Apple Butter ($12) and Port of Call ($13) to ring in the fall season. “As a child, some of my most vivid Autumn memories are my family trips to the local orchards. Every time we would come back with jars, and jars, and jars of apple butter. This cocktail brings the nuances of those childhood flavors into this adult beverage,’ says Deutsch of the Bonita cocktail. As for the Port of Call, “My mother’s absolute favorite activity in the world was to go on cruises. In two separate years she brought the entire family on them. The Port of Call is where the boats would dock and leave on the various stops. This cocktail is a taste of her happy place.” 

31 S 18th St., harpersgardenphilly.com


Stove and Tap Lansdale 

This Main Line spot is offering up a Marigold Round & Round ($12) mixture for its seasonal drink. The cocktail boasts Boardroom rum, Goslings Dark Rum, plum, lime, vanilla, cinnamon and was designed by Ashley Kane. “This cocktail was made out of our inability to let go of summer completely. A tiki-inspired, fall infused rum cocktail ready for the fickle weather this season brings. Just crushable enough for those warmer days with just enough warmth to stand up to the lowering temperatures.” 

329 W Main St., stoveandtap.com

The Olde Bar

The Olde Bar is pulling out some new tricks for their fall cocktail. According to the release, The Olde Bar Sour ($12) was curated by the establishment’s team and is described as “A blend of Wild Turkey 101 and Disarrono Amaretto. [Together they] bring a perfect blend of sweetness and spice to this signature creation from The Olde Bar. A perfect compliment to changing leaves and sweater weather.”

125 Walnut St., theoldebar.com

The Olde Bar’s SourProvided

Sancho Pistolas

Sancho Pistolas is doing things a bit differently when it comes to fall cocktails with their new drink, The Never Ending Zuri ($10, $9 during happy hour.) The drink is the name of one of the owners of the Avocado Seed Brew, who uses the establishment’s avocado seeds to brew their own beer. The drink was designed by new General Manager and Cocktail Guru Leighton Phillips from Sanchos with the team at Avocado Brew Company. Phillips makes Avocado Seed Brew Tea from the leftover seeds from the avocados to focus on reducing waste and sustainability. The tea in the cocktail has rose mint flavor and apple cider vinegar giving Philadelphians a chance to taste a drink that is truly one of a kind. 

19 W Girard Ave., sanchopistolas.com


Amada’s new fall cocktail might be called the Pain and Glory ($14) but those who get to sip on the new libation won’t be feeling anything but glory. The drink was crafted by Amada’s General Manager Joseph Quintela and boasts tequila, chile, apple, lime and cilantro. “The most famous of all fall fruits: the apple, is spiced with chili to carry a strong shot of tequila in a warming composition, finished with fresh lime and cilantro.” 

217-219 Chestnut St.,philadelphia.amadarestaurant.com

Gia Espinoza

Hawthorne’s Beer Cafe

The title of this hotspot might have beer in its name, but Hawthorne’s is offering a delightful fall cocktail to celebrate the season. The hotspot’s Harvest Moon ($11) comes from Brandon Thrash, the Cocktail and Spirits Director of The Hawthorne Group and boasts Revivalist Botanical Gin Harvest Expression, orange wine, squash, white wine verjus and carbonated cinnamon-apple tisane. “Chester County’s Revivalist Gin Harvest Expression screams fall. We wanted something that was savory, full of warming spices and roasted vegetables, but still remained bright and refreshing to fit the Hawthorne Cafe all day drinking vibe. It all came together by using cinnamon-apple tisane for dilution instead of water which highlights the squash and baking spice notes. Finally, we used orange wine and white wine verjus instead of citrus juice as a way to balance the cocktail without overpowering any of the fall flavors. The result is a refreshing but autumnal crusher that is perfect for a crisp fall day.” 

738 S 11th St., hawthornecafe.com