Teen gunned down in Spring Garden

Dwayne Ballard was a tough kid who didn’t need a gun or a knife to show it, say those who knew the 17-year-old who was gunned down over the weekend. They also say Ballard, known by “Wayne,” was popular with everyone from grandparents to young children — a fact was made clear by the candlelight vigil for him attended by hundreds on the 700 block of Green Street, where he was shot once in the back Saturday morning.

Less than an hour earlier, the junior who played point guard for Delaware Valley High School told his father he would be home soon. Police are still seeking answers.

“Everyone in the neighborhood heard seven gunshots. Within minutes, it was up on Facebook that Wayne was dead,” said Adam Bruckner, who knew Ballard for five years through a youth program he runs. “His friends were so emotional, and these are tough kids we’re talking about. I’m just worried they’re going to find out the shooter’s identity was and seek revenge.”

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