Teen trash can tip leads to the discovery of a dead body

Teen trash can tip leads to the discovery of a dead body
Sam Newhouse

Philly PD are investigating the death of an unidentified man whose body was found in a trash can. 

The body was found in the Olney section of the city.

Inquirer.com reports that school officials from nearby alerted cops after a teen told them that a homicide had happened there over Christmas break. Philly PD followed the teen girl’s tip and found a man’s body in a trash can. 

They discovered the body at 1:34 p.m. on Tuesday. The trash can was located at North Sixth and West Rockland Streets.

CBS reports that the incident took place on Dec. 26. 

ABC reports that the source said that the teen is the victim’s ex-girlfriend. 

“We were notified by an official from a school that there was a child reporting that sometime around the Christmas break, or slightly after Christmas, she was aware of a homicide that occurred,” Acting Police Commissioner Christine Coulter told ABC.

Coulter added, “I’m sure she has the information as to who was with her at the time. Apparently, she was a witness to the homicide.”

Sources also told ABC that the teen told police her current boyfriend and his friend beat up and stabbed the victim. Sources also told ABC that the suspects stabbed an additional man, but he allegedly played dead and was able to leave the scene. It was also reported that the teen led the victim to the location. 

CBS reported that the victim suffered from blunt force trauma and puncture wounds.

It was reported that two people were questioned, but no arrests have been made. 

Coulter told reporters at Police Headquarters that investigators are awaiting a cause of death. She added that the case would be “easily solvable” once the cause of death was determined. 

They told outlets that they believe the victim knew one of the assailants. 

Coulter also told outlets that police were “fortunate” that the teen had come forward “because I don’t know how much longer it would have been to discover the person body and made the attempts to identify and notify the family.”

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