The 10 most boo-worthy athletes for Philadelphia sports fans

Eagles have over $22 million in dead cap after Sam Bradford trade
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Among the many things Philadelphia sports fans have booed are: Santa Clause, referees everywhere, Carson Wentzfor refusing to sign autographs and more opposing players and teams than one can count.

Among the things fans have thrown are: snowballs, batteries, and wristbands

There is a perpetual debate in the City of Brotherly Love over appropriate situations and recipients for boos in South Philly. With a list a mile long — befitting the long memory and deep love of sport Philadelphia fans exhibit — here’s a brief look at the 10 current athletes (and coaches) most worthy of being rained on with boos during the upcoming seasons.

1. Sam Bradford (Eagles quarterback 2015-?)

It’s kind of sad that a current Philadelphia player is the most boo-worthy athlete in the land, but when you turn your back on the city things usually get ugly. Bradford demanded a trade, despite being overpaid ($22 million guaranteed) and overrated (he’s the No. 1 QB on the depth chart), the former Heisman Trophy winner was too intimidated by the Eagles decision to draft Wentz. If he comes back, tail between his legs, his teammates may accept his apology, but will fans?

2. Chip Kelly (Eagles head coach 2013-15, currently 49ers head coach)

Kelly really rejuvenatedEagles’ fans passion and optimism when he first took the stage with his high-paced offense and radical thinking. But then he was anointedcoach/GM and methodically cut ties with LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and several other quality players. What he replaced them with turned an up-and-coming NFC East champion in 2013 into a mediocre, rebuilding squad by the end of his tenure. His treatment of Eagles fans was lukewarm at best and any returns as 49ers head coach will receive notlukewarmwelcomes.

3. Jonathan Papelbon (Phillies closer 2012-15, currently Nationals closer)

​Papelbon came to Philly to win. The Phillies did not win. Papelbon complained and ran his mouth. Papelbon was traded. With the Phillies, he converted his last 37 save attempts. As a National, he’s blown four of his last 35. His misery is Philadelphia’s joy.

4. Riley Cooper (Eagles wide receiver 2010-2015, currently a free agent)

Cooper is still a free agent but if he signs somewhere and comes back to face the Eagles, he deserves a mountain of boos. He signed afive-year, $22.5 million contract and barely earned any of it, pairing his racist remarks with lackluster play. He also was the beginning of the manyracial issues Kelly had to deal with while he was here.

5.DeMarco Murray (Eagles running back 2015, currently a Titan)

Murray, like Cooper, isn’t currently slated to face the Eagles any time soon. But once he does, the Titans running back deserves to face the scorn of Philadelphia fans. He created locker room unrest while earning very little of his $42 million contract, lasting just one season before being mercifully traded after gaining just 3.6 yards per carry in 2015.

6. LeSean McCoy (Eagles running back 2009-2014, currently a Bill)

This one could be a bit controversial, because McCoy did not chose to leave — he was traded by Kelly for Kiko Alonso after the 2014 season. But McCoy could not keep his mouth shut after being traded. He also has been tied to an ugly bar-fight that left some undercover cops badly beaten. Charges were never filed in the Philadelphia incident, but the issue of character flaws did come up and validate the Eagles trade decision.

7. Sidney Crosby (Penguins center 2005-?)

No one doubts that Crosby is one of the best hockey players on the planet. But Flyers fans are perfectly validated in booing him every time he takes the ice. He’s been known as a bit of a complainer and lacks the toughness Philadelphians expect from top-notch skaters.

8. Bryce Harper (Nationals outfielder 2012-?)

Cole Hamels is gone, but the cocky, loud and extremely talented NL MVP Harper is still in the NL East, and every time the Phillies manage to get him out fans take a sigh of relief. Hamels, recently traded to the Rangers, plucked the then rookie outfielder back in 2012 and said: “Its just,welcome to the big leagues. I was trying to hit him. I mean, I’m not going to deny it.”

9. Tom Wilson (Capitals left-winger 2012-?)

There’s nothing better than a hockey villain. Apparently, the Flyers have one in Wilson. Prior to their April playoff matchup with the Capitals, the winger told the media:“We don’t want to be liked by them.Hopefully, we can keep it that way, that they hate our guts.” The Flyers and their fans do Tom.

10. Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Dez Bryant,Odell Beckham Jr. (Cowboys and Giants players respectively)

Really anyone on the Eagles’ two biggest rivals has reason to be booed, but Romoand Bryant on the Cowboys, and Manning and Beckham Jr. on the Giants in particular have claim to special powers over Philly boobirds. The two longest-tenured QBs of NFC East Rivals have given Eagles fans much to cheer and complain about, and as long as they stay on the field they’ll be the subject of avid hatred.

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