The art of a potluck

Combining the nostalgia of a potluck dinner and a slideshow, there has proved to be something irresistible about the Slideluck Potshow. After starting 10 years ago in Seattle, the event has exploded in New York and even traveled overseas. This weekend, Philly is finally on the guest list.

“It bothered me that it hadn’t come to Philadelphia — we were in Nairobi for goodness sakes,” says director Sam Gulino. “I think the atmosphere in Philly is really ripe for these things.”

The Philly slideshow will feature photography from about 30 artists from the region (or with some lingering, pesky tie to it), and many will be available to speak about their work.

As for food, your mom’s signature casserole would be appreciated, but there aren’t any rules. “You get people who just show up with a couple pizzas,” says Gulino. “But that’s fine, as long as they’re enjoying the community and the art.”