The best places to eat in Philadelphia this weekend

best places to eat in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to plenty of amazing restaurants, bars and hotspots that have their own unique take on the culinary world. Discovering all of the best spots in the city is not the easiest feat, but we have some insight that may help you find your new favorite restaurant in Philadelphia. Here are the best places to eat in Philadelphia this weekend. 

The best places to eat in Philadelphia this weekend


This two-story hot-spot takes refined cuisine to a new level with their spin on Cuban, Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. As soon as you walk in the door, you feel as though you’ve transported to South Beach in Miami- even if it’s in the dead of winter. Mixto’s ambiance boasts upscale vacation vibes,if your budget can’t afford a tropical getaway at the moment a meal at Mixto is your next best bet. Mixto offers a plethora of refreshing cocktails such as a Bikini Martini, Old Cuban, Rum Manhatten, Pisco Sour and more. Mouthwatering menu options include Chicharrones de Cerdo, Sopa de Camarones, Bandeja Paisa, tropical sea bass and much more. Mixto is also open for brunch (they offer amazing meals to start the day) and happy hour.

1141 Pine St.,


Zhav brings modern Israeli cuisine to the City of Brotherly Love in a beautiful way. Chef Michael Solomonov is the mastermind behind the extensively delicious menu, and there is a reason patrons always come back for more. The hotspot is a part of the CookNSolo family founded by Solomonov and Steven Cook, and some of the delicious recipes from Zahav can also be found in their Zahav cookbook. The atmosphere is welcoming and light, and there is also plenty of space for privacy- Zahav offers private rooms that can accommodate between nine and 30 guests for special events. Delicious dishes include a tempting selection of hummus, Kohlrabi salad, Kibbe Naya, chicken shashlik, Moroccon eggplant, chocolate Konafi and much more. Zahav also offers an array of unique cocktails, an impressive wine selection and more. A great spot if you are looking for the best places to eat in Philadelphia this weekend. 

237 St James Pl.,

The Good King Tavern

The Good King Tavern offers upscale French tavern fare at an affordable price- so all Philadelphians can dine like kings and queens. The hotspot merges the past with the urban present beautifully, and the outcome equals tasty dishes, great conversation and plenty of memories. The atmosphere is laid-back yet regal in a unique way. No frills and plenty of flavor is what makes The Good King Tavern run beautifully. Appetizing menu items include escargot, steak tartare, Lamb Parmentier,  Socca, a savory cheeseboard selection, rotating specials plus plenty of cocktails such as a Sour 376, Sazerac, Gardener’s Edge, Suze Martini and much more. The Good King Tavern also has a fabulous wine selection all selected from various regions around Europe. 

614 S 7th St.,

best places to eat in Philadelphia

Talula’s Garden

Talula’s Garden offers a beautiful escape from reality for anyone who dines there. Philadelphians who eat at the culinary hotspot can literally indulge in any of their mouthwatering dishes in their garden (yes, a real and gorgeous garden). The atmosphere is magical and comfortable; everywhere you look you find a treat for your eyes and everything you eat provides a gift for your taste buds. Unique dishes include cornmeal fried oysters, goat cheese gnocchi, lobster ravioli, roasted Rohan duck breast and more. Talula’s Garden also has an amazing brunch menu with delicious dishes including a Meyer Lemon poppy seed morning bun, French toast bites, a lox plate, crab eggs benedict and their own version of “munchkins.” A fabulous spot if you are looking for the best places to eat in Philadelphia this weekend. 

210 W Washington Sq.,

Rosy’s Taco Bar

Rosy’s offers delicious Mexican cuisine right in Center City, and they do not play around. Although Rosy’s opened less than a year ago, this eatery has already skyrocketed in popularity and seems to keep growing. Their drinks are sublime, all of their margaritas are worth a taste-especially their spicy version. Their menu also is worth a trip (or multiple) boasting an assortment of tasty salads, tacos and nachos. Plus there is a hot sauce bar to tickle any heat-lovers fancy. Rosy’s doesn’t look too big from the outside, but from the inside, the space is massive and the atmosphere bursts with color and character. The best part may be where Rosy’s name came from- Franklin Roosevelt and the myth regarding his long lost love and intrigue in tacos. The full story is available on their website.

2220 Walnut St.,