The Business Corner: Philly’s 6ix 8ight curates memorable experiences

6ix 8ight
Nas Haddad
TML Communications

For this edition of The Business Corner, we are introducing you to 6ix Eight, an experiential marketing company specializing in events and brand consultancy founded by Nas Haddad and James Nathaniel.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Haddad recently to discuss the company, its exciting vision for the future, and its impact.

6ix 8ight started in 2015 by focusing its model on creating memorable experiences, which Haddad mentioned was like hosting someone at your home. He said this model was based on “friends hosting friends.”

This attention to detail and personal touch has positioned the company for its well-deserved success. The company has brought experiences to Philadelphia that were previously not available in the local market. 6ix 8ight also prides itself on working with a number of vendors, DJs, and service providers.

The company hosted (and partnered in) over 120 events in 2021, including its very popular and often sold-out U+ME+RNB (pronounced You, Me, and RNB). The quarterly event was marketed as a thoughtful Philly-made party that combines R&B music with exciting visuals, including live performances. It has exploded in recent years, being attended by popular multi-platinum recording artists themselves, such as Ashanti.

Economic impact

A core value of 6ix 8ight is giving multiple vendors an opportunity, which also provides them a platform to obtain more business, find new clients, and thereby grow their revenue. Consistent with creating different experiences, it is also useful because it allows them to change the atmosphere several times during an individual event (for example, by changing the DJ multiple times during an event).

For a recent event, 6ix 8ight had 5 vendors, 3 DJs, a sound engineer, a photographer, and videographer, and 6 bartenders. The 16 individuals hired show how 6ix 8ight finds opportunities to incorporate other businesses and individuals into their vision for a given event and spreads the economic opportunity and exposure to new audiences throughout the community.

For example, a DJ may have only handled events with less than 500 people, but if 6ix 8ight believes they have what it takes to handle one of their larger events, they give them an opportunity (and a check).

This win-win relationship also creates benefits for the customers of 6ix 8ight because they get exposure to niche products and services, carefully crafted to create a unique experience.

Working with corporations

6ix 8ight has built up a track record of success in hosting events in the City of Philadelphia, including the level of detail and customer service that corporations expect from its vendors and service providers.

6ix 8ight is working with a number of large corporations and institutions that are looking to host something more than just another corporate reception. Incorporating live music and creating something that resonates with the organization’s target audience is one of the core competencies of the company. 

Vision for the future

The company is planning to continue and expand its events and is planning to launch an expansive creative agency, offering a suite of services to create memorable experiences both in-house and for corporate/institutional clients.

Haddad also talked about the importance of 6ix 8ight responding to customer feedback, which has also fueled the company’s success.

Based on the extensive discussion, I am excited for the future of 6ix 8ight and can’t wait to attend another event.

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