‘The Elephant in the Room’ extends its stay at Azuka Theatre

The Elephant in the Room
Priyanka Shetty in ‘The Elephant in the Room.’
Johanna Austin/AustinArt.org

If you haven’t had the chance yet to go and see Azuka Theatre Company’s latest production, ‘The Elephant in the Room,’ you’re in luck—because the group has decided to extend the dates of the show until Nov. 19.

Originally scheduled to play until Nov. 12, the stage production starring Priyanka Shetty (who also wrote it) was extended after a string of sold-out shows at the Louis Bluver Theatre at The Drake.

The Elephant in the Room
Priyanka Shetty in ‘The Elephant in the Room’. Johanna Austin/AustinArt.org

Directed by Suli Holum, the official description for ‘The Elephant in the Room’ reads: After making the bold move to defy her family by quitting her IT job and moving to the US to pursue an acting career, things don’t quite turn out how Priyanka imagined. Gear up for a funny, tumultuous ride through immiscible cultures, unforgettable love, irreparable loss, and the desperation of not belonging anywhere. A witty and dark comedy about your typical Indian metalhead and software engineer turned actor who must navigate life as an immigrant arriving in Trump’s America.

This will be Azuka’s final performances on the stage in 2023, until they return in February of next year with ‘Overwinter,’ a story where two bee researchers “discover that one of their bees might have intelligence far beyond the norm.”

In the meantime, Azuka will also have sporadic Community Stories sessions throughout the winter months, taking place at the Free Library of Philadelphia. While there, locals can gather with artists from Azuka Theatre to learn new ways to share and preserve your own stories through the medium of live theater, their official website states.

The Elephant in the Room
Priyanka Shetty in ‘The Elephant in the Room.’Johanna Austin/AustinArt.org

As all of Azuka’s shows stand, tickets are pay what you wish, though for the duration of ‘The Elephant in the Room’, the company’s website states to check if any of the remaining productions are sold-out. Dates and times range for the show, and a full schedule can be found online at azukatheatre.org