The revolution hits the gallery

“In the 20th century there was an aesthetic revolution in art,” proclaimed Michelangelo Pistoletto last week during a tour of the Art Museum’s new retrospective of his career. “Now, we need an ethic evolution.”

The two halves of the PMA’s exhibit showcase Pistoletto’s role at the forefront of both of those efforts. “From One to Many” represents the Italian artist’s major work from 1956 to 1974, a span which included his co-founding of the Arte Povera movement, which existed on a parallel track to Pop and Conceptual Art and Minimalism.

“These works create unexpected moments of beauty out of almost nothing,” said curator Carlos Basualdo. “They move beyond the restrictions and constrictions of language and place people and materials in direct relation.”

The second half of the exhibit is an interactive installation dedicated to Pistoletto’s more recent work as founder of Cittadellarte, an interdisciplinary center for art and culture in Biella, Italy.

The installation will host a number of programs, including conversations with the artist, storyslams and a film series.

Michelangelo Pistoletto: ‘From One to Many’ and ‘Cittadellarte’
Through Jan. 16
Philadelphia Museum of Art
26th St. and the Ben Franklin Parkway
$14-$24, 215-763-8100