The sweet taste of ‘Burger’ success

Despite his absurdist sense of comedy, the Russian-born but American-raised Eugene Mirman has had a varied and enviable career as a working comedian. If his successful stand-up career wasn’t enough, he’s been able to branch out into the publishing world (“The Will to Whatevs” hit shelves in 2009), has a role on “Delocated,” and now voices Gene Belcher for “Bob’s Burgers,” a new Fox animated sitcom which revolves around a family that runs a hamburger joint.

Is it fun to voice a kid in middle school or does it dredge up terrible memories for you?

Yes, it’s very fun to do the show and record together with so many fun comedians but luckily, it’s not back in school where it was terrible.

As a cartoon character, do you find that you have to place more emphasis on enunciation since you can’t rely on facial expressions to get the point across? How are stand-up and this different?

You do take on a definite tone when you’re doing the voices but a lot of the emphasis is done through the animation. They also have those little sounds they throw in to help drive the point. But on stage, I’m not pretending. I talk about life and things I’ve noticed; with the show I’m literally pretending to be a child in a make-believe world.

When you record with your co-stars are you in the same room?

No, it’s actually a bicoastal production. The five voices, we’re connected through studios but we’re not in the same room.

So, what is your favorite burger topping?

I guess blue cheese and mushrooms — or do you want me to name silly things like “freedom”?

Blue cheese and mushrooms might just be tastier than freedom.

I take it you’ve never lived under communism.