Theater Horizon’s Art House program puts everyday life center stage

The Peay family will be featured in Theatre Horizon’s Art Houses this month.
John C Hawthorne

Theatre Horizon’s Art Houses program has announced its fourth show.

The Norristown establishment created the innovative series—which partners professional theatre artists with families and households throughout the Greater Philadelphia region—last year. The original performance works are shown on a monthly basis, with this month’s show coming from The Peay Family, who reside in Norristown. 

John C Hawthorne

This family knows how to get creative. Moe Peay has appeared in Theatre Horizon’s production of ‘Black Nativity’ while his wife, Fallon, and three children, Brooklyn, Cassidy and Prince, use their own talents to add to a recipe of innovation and uniqueness when approaching performances. According to the release, the family’s mentors and inspirations include Mimi G, Kobe Bryant, Steve Jobs, Marianne Williamson, Michael Jackson, Jesus, Jim Carrey, Albert Einstein, and the Buddha. The Peays plan to “aspire to inspire” in this life-affirming exploration of family, love, and art at their home in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

“I love Theatre Horizon,” says Moe Peays in a statement. “My kids really love the idea of doing theater and performing. I feel honored that I was one of the ones Theatre Horizon reached out to—that they accepted everyday people, everyday lives, everyday stories, and the opportunity to document how interesting everyday life can be.”

The Peays’ Art Houses program will be directed by Marisol Rosa-Shapiro, and will be available to stream live from their home on the Zoom platform for one performance only on March 20, at 7 p.m. 

“We are so artsy, it’s ridiculous,” adds Fallon Peays when discussing the family’s upcoming showcase. “We’re family-oriented. We try to work well together. We are definitely a loving family. We just want people to be blessed when they see our family. I hope that we can inspire others to be themselves as much as possible.”

The Theatre’s Artistic Director Nell Bang-Jensen was the spearhead for the theatre’s new initiative as a way to produce art during quarantine and combat feelings of isolation. Art House performances are rehearsed and performed online, giving participants the opportunity to experience a professional theater process from the comfort and safety of their home. The content of the shows vary depending on each household’s story and may include scenes, songs, monologues and poetry.

John C Hawthorne

“We are thrilled to welcome our second Norristown family to our Art Houses program, and continue to celebrate our local community,” notes Bang-Jensen in a statement. “The Peays are a tight-knit family excited for this opportunity. The pandemic months have given the Peays the chance to grow even closer, cementing their love, collaboration, and self discovery through role play, card games, movie nights, pizza, and innumerable creative pursuits.”

For the Peay’s performance, Zoom links to the live streamed performance will be provided after ticket purchase from Theatre Horizon’s website, Ticket buyers have the option to receive a “mystery box” in the mail before the performance as well, with contents chosen by The Peay Family and the creative team. These boxes will provide a tactile relationship to the show, and mimic the surprise of a live performance. Only 80 Mystery Boxes are available, and for more information, visit