There’s an app for that, Made in America

The two days and nights of Made in America — the fourth iteration of hip hop mogul Jay Z, Budweiser and Live Nation’s end of summer festival in Philadelphia —isn’t just bringing out big-name musicians but also developers looking for the next killer music app.

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Behind headline shows by Beyonce on Saturday and The Weeknd on Sunday,name national acts such as Modest Mouse, Nick Jonas and Bassnectar will take part on various stages in Made in America’s free-for-all festival along withlocal acts likeHop Along, Creepoid, Meek Mill, Strand of Oaks and Waxahatchee.

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But for all the live music, non-craft beer and steaming food available however, the tech sector is also holding sway at this year’s Made in America (MIA).

Amongst MIA’s array of vendors and hucksters —from official (Fox TV’s Empire) to unofficial (always someone selling fast phone services) — a South Jersey developer’s new free app LIVID Mobile will be making its debut.

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The entire festival will be also be streamed on headliner Jay-Z’s TIDAL subscription music service.

Livid Mobile co-founders Corey Wooten and Ray Gordon, based in Williamstown NJ, chose the festival to drop the app because it’s whole design was originallyinspired by the 2014 Made in America.

“We had a camera crew with us at MIA and asked people on the Parkway what the perfect fan application would look like,” Wooten said. “Music is a big part of Livid and MIA is such an immense platform, since it was practically birthed there, why not launch it there?”

In Gordon’s words, Livid “redefines what a fan is and connects our users with their favorite everything, be it celebrities, places and brands,” he said.

“Not only will it create community and link people by their common interests, Livid rewards its users with points for every connection they make.”

Users select categories based on their interests, then Livid user can access fan-created communities devoted tospecific celebs or groups like Beyonce or the Eagles.

Gordon states that virtual currency earned through liking posts can he used later to bid on items from their favorite celebs and brands (no word yet, on what exactly those rewards are, but they claim the rewards will come from those “adored influencers, brands, and shows”).

Livid Mobile has raised more than $250,000 in seed funding since Gordon, a corporate sales analyst and Wooten, a communications expert, decided to make their app a reality in 2015

Livid is a free download, but advanced levels of the app require a fee.

VIP treatment for Jay-Z’sTidal subscribers

Jay-Z created both Tidal and the Made in America festival, which is expecting 70,000 attendees a day. Now he’s combining them.

Parts of the festival will be streamed through the app, but Tidal members at the festival geta “VIP experience,” including their own special entrance and access to members-only charging stations and booths.